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MarketTalk is not just about information; it’s about fostering meaningful connections between investors and the companies driving our economy forward

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Thursday 24 October 2024


ResolveIR principal, Evy Litopoulos conceived MarketTalk as a collaborative initiative within Investor Relations (IR), aiming to forge partnerships with other IR firms and collaborate with media outlets like Stockhead and The Market Bull. MarketTalk strives to provide the investment community with valuable insights and exclusive access to ASX-listed companies. Through meticulously crafted event programs, we offer investors direct engagement with CEOs from some of Australia’s most promising listed companies. Our focus on the small-cap sector underscores our commitment to fostering connections between investors and key players in driving economic growth. Leveraging the networks of prominent boutique IR firms, along with finance media publications and top broking and investment banking firms in Australia, MarketTalk, led by the founders of ResolveIR and Investability, is poised to deliver high-quality, intimate investor events that promise to be both engaging and distinctive.

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